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Roxton Falls Appalachian Wilderness Estate is the place to be for big game hunting enthusiasts and lovers. Our goal is to offer you a unique and memorable hunting experience in the enchanting scenery that the Appalachian mountain range offers. For those who are looking for a colorful hunting experience, you should know that at Roxton Falls Appalachian Wilderness Estate, your experience will be multicolored! Indeed, our first concern is to offer our customers a unique and personalized hunting experience. At Roxton Falls Appalachian Wilderness Estate you are not a number. Your satisfaction is our priority. Our team of passionate people will make sure that your stay will be memorable on all levels and you will notice that nothing is left to chance. With Roxton Falls Appalachian Wilderness Estate being a private hunting reserve, we welcome a maximum of 3 hunters at the same time (or up to 6 hunters when it is the same group) which guarantees you a distinguished and exclusive stay. Each hunter is accompanied by a private guide who adapts to the needs and physical condition of the client. Our hunting trips are four-day long in an all-inclusive formula. Our hunts take place mainly on the spot and stalk in the greatest respect of these majestic animals. We walk most of the day in order to locate animals and then attempt an approach to harvest the desired animal. Imagine yourself in the heart of the Appalachian forest, surrounded by these larger than life animals. You will, of course, see animals, but the hunting challenge is preserved to its maximum since the territory is totally wooded and our animals know their vast forest and know how to outwit us and hide in a few seconds. Come and live an unforgettable sport hunting experience. Visit Roxton Falls Appalachian Wilderness Estate now.

The Hunting Territory

Located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, Roxton Falls Appalachian Wilderness Estate offers you the most memorable hunting experience on its magnificent territory.

Our hunting reserve is located 1 ½ hour east of beautiful Quebec City, Canada. We are only a few kilometers from the American border with the state of Maine. Roxton Falls Appalachian Wilderness Estate impresses with its natural beauty including four lakes, dense mixed forest and breathtaking mountain scenery. The territory is certainly the ideal location for an exceptional hunt.

Discover the natural wonders of our enchanting site and its forest that evolves and changes color as the days of autumn pass.

Lodge and meals

Over the years, Roxton Falls Appalachian Wilderness Estate has distinguished itself by the quality of the accommodations and meals offered to its clientele. For 2021, we are proud to introduce our new Lodge located in the center of the action, directly on the reserve. The idea is to continue to offer you a refined VIP stay while taking your experience to a whole new level. Imagine having your coffee on the island in the middle of the lake and seeing a majestic elk, a record-breaking red stag or a family of mouflon on the shoreline, all while being in hotel-like comfort. That’s what we offer you now! Nothing is left to chance and we are committed to providing you with the most comfortable and upscale stay. That’s why our new lodge, which will be completed for the 2021 season, will offer each guest a magnificent room in complete privacy with private bathroom.

In addition to enjoying and unforgettable hunting experience at Roxton Falls Appalachian Wilderness Estate, you will benefit from an equally memorable culinary experience. In an enchanting and friendly setting, our chef is committed to offering you refined cuisine while respecting your tastes and introducing you to the flavors of the local terroir.

* Since our priority is your satisfaction, please note that it is also possible to customize your stay for those who prefer to stay in a high-end hotel (extra charge).

Your hunting experience
step by step

Your decision is made: this is the year you will come and live a unique hunting experience at Roxton Falls Appalachian Wilderness Estate. It is difficult to describe in detail everything that will happen during your stay and the range of emotions you will experience with hunting being what it is: unpredictable and exciting. One thing is certain: you will not be disappointed! However, we can give you an idea of how your stays unfold.


For our international clients, we will personally meet you at the Quebec City airport or at your hotel. For those who come with their car, we will personally meet you at a meeting point located near the reserve. Guests arrive in the afternoon and we will assist you with your arrival at the Lodge. We will give you time to settle in and then you will meet our dedicated staff who will make sure that your stay goes smoothly. We end the day with a nice meal together to discuss the hunt that starts the next morning.

A typical hunting day




red stag

Morning hunt

(Break : 10am-10:30am)


Lunch & break



Afternoon hunt




Around 7:30pm

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