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For nearly 20 years, Roxton Falls Appalachian Wilderness Estate, located in the heart of the magnificent Appalachian mountains, has remained true to its reputation of offering the largest elk and red stag trophies in all America in an exceptional setting. Our goal is to offer a unique, high-end hunting experience that makes our private reserve a premier destination. In addition to being recognized internationally for the quality of our exceptional trophies, we make it a point of honor to offer you a memorable hunt that meets your most demanding expectations.

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Larger-than-life animals

In addition to the exceptional elk and red stag that have forged the reputation of Roxton Falls Appalachian Widerness Estate, it is also possible to hunt bighorn sheep and American bison, all on the same territory. Come discover these majestic animals in the heart of the Appalachians.

Here are our species available for hunting:

Experience available from $7,250 USD

The largest elk and red stag trophies

In addition to offering an outstanding hunting experience, the Roxton Falls Appalachian Wilderness Estate is recognized internationally for offering big game hunters the finest and largest elk and red stag trophies in all America. In fact, the exceptional genetics of our animals make our reserve one of the world's top destinations for elk and red stag hunting. If you're looking for a record-breaking trophy, you've come to the right place: we have an impressive number of animals each year that make more than 500 pts SCI.

In 2007, we set a world record with an elk of 596 pts SCI and now we have animals of over 600 pts SCI. Roxton Falls Appalachian Wilderness Estate also offers hunts for all budgets and categories starting at 350 pts SCI up to record trophies of 600 pts SCI and more. No matter what you are looking for, we can provide it and our priority is to deliver the same VIP hunting experience to all of our customers.

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